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The goal of this dissertation is to unearth the history of Indian photography that exists all around us but is often overlooked. When an Indian student, researcher, or budding photographer wants to learn about photography and its history, they are forced to learn  from western masters; after all, photography was invented in the west, so that is the only option. However, photography came to India soon after the medium was discovered in the west. From c.1860 onwards, it was practised and taught in India. Despite the fact that we do not refer our own masters, the majority of the masters' photography works were not archived, documented, or destroyed by time.

Through their students, the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad took a wonderful initiative to unearth old photography works all around India. Each student is required to locate a photographer or a collection of photographs from their family, town, or another  location, and conduct study on the photographer and how photography was conducted in that area.

Adhi Moolaperumal, a local town teacher, was not particularly well-known for his photography. He met Kavimani Desigavinayagam Pillai, a renowned poet from Kanyakumari, and from that day forward, he began visiting Kavimani on a regular basis and began documenting Kavimani's life, which he continued to do till Kavimani's death. Nathan Studio, which he founded in Nagercoil, is now run by his grandson.

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